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Are police issuing as many tickets as they say?

311 reports serve as a non-emergency number that the public can call for issues like driver misconduct or other similar issues. Citizens can call this number regarding abandoned vehicles, chronically reckless driving, illegal parking and more. However, recent reports and scrutiny have revealed that police…

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What is the new measure to help with traffic issues during the holidays?

Traffic often increases during the holiday season due to a large number of delivery trucks on the road. With more people shopping online than ever before, this is a huge concern for local lawmakers. The New York Post reports that the city council approved a…

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Developing safe and reliable drivers for your fleet

Given that your fleet crew represents your company and its values, you want to hire drivers that demonstrate courtesy. Responsible employees can also minimize the safety risks of having fleet vehicles. Traffic violations could impact your company’s reputation and brand image. Your ability to develop…

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Should you pay for your speeding ticket?

When an officer pulls you over, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed and even afraid. Once you get your ticket, you might feel tempted to simply pay it off and wash your hands of the event as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, though, the negative…

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Can the DLSRA help restore your suspended drivers’ license?

Having a drivers’ license is crucial for many New York residents. You may consider traffic tickets an inconvenient hazard of your daily commute. However, when they result in license suspension, it can affect your ability to get to work on time, care for your kids…

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How can a mistake of fact act as a ticket defense?

Many people do not consider fighting a speeding ticket, thinking it is not worth the trouble. However, accumulating too many tickets can lead to the suspension of your driver’s license. There are valid defenses that could convince a judge to dismiss your ticket. For example,…

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The consequences of having too many traffic violations

Some people think that a traffic violation, such as a speeding or parking ticket, is just a nuisance. They would rather pay the fine than fight it. However, the state keeps track of these tickets and penalizes drivers that deem to be of high risk.…

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Double Parking for Commercial Vehicles

What Happened To The Double Parking Exception For Commercial Vehicles In New York City? In the past, double parking tickets were EASY. Just Double park, make the delivery, and hurry on your way. If you received a parking ticket for double parking, you could show…

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New York City OATH Summons Can Be Contested

Summonses issued by the NYPD or NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) are OATH Cases. The fines for these tickets can range from $750 to over $10,000, depending on the infraction. If you received a notice of a summons, you can look for it at this…

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