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Can You Fight a Speeding Ticket?

Navigating the bustling streets of New York requires skill, patience and at times, a bit of speed, but in the rush of it all, you might find yourself with a flashing light in the rearview mirror and a speeding ticket in hand. When faced with…

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The Impact of Speeding on a New York Driver’s License

Speed limits protect people from losing control of their vehicles. Lawmakers consider the environment, traffic density and road design when determining a safe speed. People who ignore these signs and drive at reckless speeds pose a dangerous risk to themselves and other drivers. Understanding the…

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Can Speeding Tickets Impact Your Right To Drive?

Speeding tickets might not seem like a big deal, but accumulating too many could jeopardize your freedom. Similarly, choosing to speed puts you and others in imminent danger. When you understand the consequences of ignoring the speed limit, you might have a greater incentive to…

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When is speed not reasonable and prudent?

In the Empire State, speed limits are not just a suggestion. In fact, according to the New York State Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee, you must drive at or below posted speed limits to avoid a speeding ticket. If you receive too many speeding tickets, of course, you…

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New law allows New York communities to lower speed limits

In the past, the state of New York had a law that prevented municipalities within its borders from setting speed limits of less than 30 miles per hour. The governor recently signed a law that changed that. According to the Governor’s Press Office, the bill…

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Could you get a ticket from a camera?

New York City is a busy place. As such, law enforcement cannot stay on top of everything happening on the roads. Not only are roadways crowded, making it tough for officers to capture every infraction but also there is so much going on that the…

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Defining New York’s default speed limit

For many in New York, the age-old answer of “Was I speeding?” in response to a traffic stop may seem to be simply a humorous attempt to get out of a ticket. However, oftentimes that represents a genuine inquiry, as there are many areas of…

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Are you familiar with the truck idling laws in New York City?

If you drive a truck and make deliveries in New York City, you have to be quick about dropping off goods or documents to your customers. Your truck is idling while you make stops at various stores or offices. Are you in compliance with state…

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What steps should you take after getting a speeding ticket?

Even the most careful of drivers may find themselves on the receiving end of a speeding ticket. Rather than feeling ashamed, it makes more sense to understand what to do next. The Ascent explains options for responding to a speeding ticket. Individuals deserve to know what to…

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Should you pay for your speeding ticket?

When an officer pulls you over, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, stressed and even afraid. Once you get your ticket, you might feel tempted to simply pay it off and wash your hands of the event as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, though, the negative…

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