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Can You Fight a Speeding Ticket?

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Navigating the bustling streets of New York requires skill, patience and at times, a bit of speed, but in the rush of it all, you might find yourself with a flashing light in the rearview mirror and a speeding ticket in hand. When faced with a ticket, you might wonder if there is a chance to contest it, and if so, how?

New York authorities are often strict when it comes to enforcing speed limits. However, the system also allows individuals to challenge speeding tickets if they believe there has been an error or misunderstanding.

Understand the ticketing process

When an officer issues you a speeding ticket in New York, it is an assertion that you have violated the state’s traffic laws. But remember, receiving a ticket is not an automatic admission of guilt. You have a 50% chance of not getting the ticket if you have a believable explanation. You might also ask the officer if they could let you off with a warning, but f you still receive the ticket, you have the right to contest it.

Think about reasons you might challenge the ticket

You might challenge the ticket if you believe the officer recorded your speed inaccurately or if you feel the speed limit sign was not clearly visible. External factors like emergencies can sometimes be a reason to exceed the speed limit momentarily. In such cases, explaining your situation might influence the outcome of your challenge.

Prepare to contest the ticket

You must enter a “not guilty” plea to fight a speeding ticket in New York. Once you make this plea, the court will assign a date for a hearing. You will present your case and the officer who issued the ticket might also provide their account. Gather any evidence or information that can support your claim, be it photographs, witness statements or other relevant documents.

If the court rules in your favor, they may dismiss the ticket, which means you will not face any penalties or have the violation added to your driving record. However, if the judge upholds the ticket, you will need to pay the fine and may also receive points on your driving record.

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