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How to Check if Your License is Suspended in NY

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So many reasons can lead to a driver’s license suspension in New York, including traffic tickets, accumulation of points on your license, and unpaid fines. If you’re concerned about the status of your license, it’s crucial to act promptly and verify it. Here’s how to check if your license is suspended in NY.

How to Check if Your License is Suspended in NY

Why Should You Check Your License Status?

Checking the status of your driver’s license is essential for several reasons. By ensuring that your license is not suspended, you can avoid potential legal consequences and financial burdens that may arise from driving with a suspended license. Here are some key reasons why it is crucial to check your license status:

  • Legal Compliance: Driving with a suspended license in New York is against the law. If you are caught driving with a suspended license, you could face fines, penalties, and even criminal charges. By checking your license status, you can ensure that you are legally allowed to drive and avoid any legal trouble.
  • Insurance Coverage: Driving with a suspended license can also affect your auto insurance coverage. If your license is suspended and you get into an accident, your insurance company may deny your claim, leaving you responsible for all damages and expenses. Checking your license status can help you maintain proper insurance coverage and protect yourself financially in case of an accident.
  • Other Consequences: Driving with a suspended license can lead to severe consequences, including hefty fines, further suspension, or even jail time. Being proactive can save you from further complications.

How Many Points Lead to a License Suspension?

While there are many potential reasons for a license suspension, such as a DUI, failure to appear in court, or unpaid traffic tickets, another reason is the accumulation of too many points on your record. Points are accumulated on your driving record in New York for various traffic violations. If you accumulate too many points within a certain timeframe, your license can be suspended. In New York, if you accumulate 11 or more points within an 18-month period, your license will be suspended. This is why it is important to keep track of your driving record to ensure you avoid suspensions.

How to Check if Your License is Suspended in NY

Are you concerned that your driver’s license may be suspended in New York? It’s essential to stay informed about your license status to avoid potential legal complications and ensure compliance with state laws. Here’s a guide on how to check if your license is suspended in NY:

Online through the DMV

The NY Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) provides an online platform, “MyDMV,” to create an account and access your driving record. This will display any suspensions on your license.

Request a Driving Record Abstract from the DMV

Another way to check if your license is suspended in NY is by requesting a Driving Record Abstract from the DMV. This document provides a detailed history of your driving record, including any suspensions or revocations.

Check for Notifications

You may receive written correspondence or emails informing you of any changes to your license status, including suspensions or revocations.

Talk with a New York License Suspension Lawyer Today

If you’re unsure about the status of your license or need legal advice regarding a potential suspension, it’s recommended to consult with a New York license suspension lawyer. We can provide guidance and assist you in navigating the process.

My License is Suspended. Now What?

If you have discovered that your driver’s license is suspended in New York, it’s crucial to take immediate action to address the situation. Here are some steps to follow if you find yourself in this situation:

  1. Understand the Reason for Suspension: Determine why your license was suspended. It could be due to various reasons such as unpaid fines, accumulation of points on your license, or failure to appear in court. Understanding the reason will help you address the issue appropriately.
  2. Consult with an Attorney: We can guide you through the process to reinstate your license. At The Law Office of Mindy Paget Brill, we understand the specific laws and regulations surrounding license suspensions in New York and can help you develop a strategy to address your specific situation.
  3. Clear Any Outstanding Issues: If your suspension was due to unpaid fines or tickets, make arrangements to pay them off as soon as possible. Contact the appropriate authorities or agencies to determine the amount owed and any necessary steps to resolve the issue.
  4. Complete Required Courses or Programs: In some cases, you may be required to complete certain courses or programs as a condition for reinstating your license. This could include defensive driving courses or alcohol and drug awareness programs. Make sure to fulfill these requirements and provide proof of completion.
  5. Pay the Suspension Termination Fee: To reinstate your license, you will need to pay a suspension termination fee. The amount may vary depending on the reason for your suspension. Contact the DMV or visit their website to find out the exact amount and payment options.

If your driver’s license was suspended, know that you have options. Working with The Law Office of Mindy Paget Brill means you’ll have continuous support and guidance throughout the process of reinstating your license. Don’t wait, take action today to address your license suspension and regain your driving privileges in New York.

How The Law Office of Mindy Paget Brill Will Help You


There are several factors that set us apart from other trucking and transportation law firms, including:

  • We have experience that matters: With more than 30 years of combined legal experience, our two attorneys ― Mindy Paget Brill and Jonathan Gess ― have handled literally thousands of criminal court summonses, alleged traffic violations and parking tickets. This is a level of experience that many other firms simply cannot match.
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Quite simply, you would be hard-pressed to find a law firm that is more dedicated to providing honest, direct, and responsive legal guidance than The Law Office of Mindy Paget Brill. Contact our office today for a free consultation regarding your license suspension.

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