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Is it Worthwhile to Appeal a Parking Ticket in NYC?

If you've ever returned to your parked car only to find a parking ticket tucked under the windshield wiper, you know the frustration that can ensue. It's an annoyance that can quickly sour your day, and for many, the first instinct might be to pay…

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Parking Near Broken or Missing Parking Meters

Using one of the numerous parking meters in New York City can save you from worrying about getting a parking ticket when you leave your car by the curb. However, there are instances where people encounter malfunctioning meters or even find there is no meter…

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Possible Fee Increases Coming For ASP Violations

New Yorkers may see a change to the alternate-side-parking rules already in place. Councilman Lincoln Restler has plans to introduce steeper fines through a new bill. Alternate side parking The ASP regulations are to support street cleaning routes, with the rules for ASP clearly posted on signs.…

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Fighting commercial fleet parking tickets in NYC

With a borough-by-borough and block-by-block patchwork of laws and regulations, it is easy to see why some commercial vehicle operators consider parking tickets to be a cost of doing business in New York City. However, as those costs begin to add up, an efficient legal…

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Tips for disputing a parking ticket

Parking tickets can seem like an unavoidable aspect of your life in New York City. If you are new to the area, you may still be unfamiliar with the city’s parking rules, such as not parking in a crosswalk. Even long-time city drivers may unintentionally…

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What are alternate side parking (ASP) rules?

New York City is a busy and crowded place. To keep the area looking good, the city has to clean the streets. Even if people are not littering, the roadways get dirty and debris can make its way into traffic lanes, causing safety issues. However,…

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What should drivers know about NYC parking regulations?

Receiving a parking ticket can ruin even a good day. To avoid making a mistake that could land you a violation, you should make sure you understand some general parking rules for the city. The New York City Department of Transportation explains that parking rules also incorporate…

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Are you familiar with the truck idling laws in New York City?

If you drive a truck and make deliveries in New York City, you have to be quick about dropping off goods or documents to your customers. Your truck is idling while you make stops at various stores or offices. Are you in compliance with state…

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Can unpaid parking tickets land you in jail?

If you drive in New York City, you are undoubtedly no stranger to parking tickets. After all, even if you intend to park legally, some parking rules are downright confusing. If you do not pay your parking fines on time, you are far from alone.…

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Where are you most likely to get a parking ticket in Brooklyn?

At one time or another, virtually everyone has to deal with a parking ticket. While seeing one under your car’s windshield wipers may make you cringe, your wallet is likely to be even unhappier. After all, parking tickets in New York City usually range between…

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