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Parking Near Broken or Missing Parking Meters

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Using one of the numerous parking meters in New York City can save you from worrying about getting a parking ticket when you leave your car by the curb. However, there are instances where people encounter malfunctioning meters or even find there is no meter where one should be present.

Fortunately, city regulations provide guidance on how to handle such situations.

Find a working meter

When you arrive at a location where you plan to park, the first step is to search for a functioning meter within the same parking area or on the same side of the block. You will need this meter to obtain a parking receipt and follow the usual steps for using and displaying it.

The absence of a meter

You could enter a parking area or a block without any operational meters at all. These meters might either be out of order or simply absent. In such cases, city regulations allow drivers to leave their vehicles in the area for the maximum duration that a working meter would have permitted them to park.

According to information from the New York City website, the maximum parking duration varies depending on the type of vehicle you drive. Additionally, the parking rates stem from where and how long you plan to park. For a standard car, the cost ranges from as low as $1.25 to as high as $7.50, while for a commercial vehicle, it can be anywhere from $5.00 to $8.00.

Other regulations to keep in mind

The absence of functioning meters does not exempt you from adhering to other traffic regulations. Regulations such as street cleaning days, alternate side parking rules and designated no-parking zones might still apply to your location. Furthermore, nearby signs may provide specific rules for the area.

Understanding these aspects of city law will help you determine if you have received an undeserved parking ticket.

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