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Possible Fee Increases Coming For ASP Violations

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New Yorkers may see a change to the alternate-side-parking rules already in place.

Councilman Lincoln Restler has plans to introduce steeper fines through a new bill.

Alternate side parking

The ASP regulations are to support street cleaning routes, with the rules for ASP clearly posted on signs. These signs have a “P” and are crossed by a broom, as well as labels for the days of the week and time periods prohibiting parking on that side of the street. Whenever ASP is in effect, cars must park elsewhere or receive a fine.

The regulation makes it easier for the city’s Sanitation Department to safely and quickly clean the streets of the city on a regular basis. Inadequate street sweeping is a common complaint by city residents, yet failure to comply with the ASP regulations is a primary cause for delay in the Sanitation Departments’ efforts.

Violations and fine

The fine for violations is $65 per occurrence, but under the proposed changes, subsequent violations will produce the most costly fines. The initial violation will remain $65 but will increase to $100 for subsequent fines within the same calendar year. After three tickets within a 12-month window, the city will tow the car.

There is a state law preventing the city from increasing the fines above the $100 threshold. Had it not been for this provision, Councilman Restler would hope for the fines to go higher.

The councilman in favor of increasing the fines hopes the steeper penalties will be a better deterrent for street parking during time periods of street cleaning. Residents of the city are not in favor of the proposed fee increase.

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