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Does anything make a New York traffic ticket defective?

Receiving a New York traffic ticket is a drag under any circumstances, but it may create serious problems for you if you drive for a living or already have existing points on your driver’s license. However, a traffic ticket has to contain certain elements to…

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Tips to avoid flying into road rage

Even at the best of times, driving in and around New York City can pose a long list of challenges. Sometimes, though, frustrations mount and you might want to take your anger out on the nearest driver. Remaining calm and in control of your emotions…

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What makes a rolling stop illegal?

When making a right turn at a seemingly empty intersection, it is not uncommon for New Yorkers to slow down but never come to a complete stop. But if a police officer catches you doing a rolling stop, you could end up with an expensive…

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What are alternate side parking (ASP) rules?

New York City is a busy and crowded place. To keep the area looking good, the city has to clean the streets. Even if people are not littering, the roadways get dirty and debris can make its way into traffic lanes, causing safety issues. However,…

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Could you get a ticket from a camera?

New York City is a busy place. As such, law enforcement cannot stay on top of everything happening on the roads. Not only are roadways crowded, making it tough for officers to capture every infraction but also there is so much going on that the…

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What will happen when you get a pink ticket for defective brakes?

The traffic laws in New York are extensive and even a minor infraction can lead to license suspension and points added to your record. As a commercial driver, what happens if you receive a pink ticket for a safety violation such as a brake system…

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Routes your truck drivers must follow in New York City

If you own a fleet of trucks, you must emphasize to your drivers the importance of local laws about commercial vehicles, especially in New York City. Here truck drivers must follow a network of roads that fall into two classes. If your drivers do not…

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Reviewing the definition of reckless driving

If you face reckless driving charges, serious penalties could come up. For example, you could face a steep fine, the loss of your driving privileges and points on your driving record. In addition, you might have to spend time behind bars as a result of…

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What is an OATH violation?

The Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings handles cases involving tickets related to the quality of life laws. These include hazards, such as building code violations or sanitation issues. OATH violations are those that fall into these categories. They fall into three classes, lesser, major and…

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How do you appeal a TVB conviction in New York?

Sometimes, a New York traffic ticket means the difference between continuing to drive as you have been and having to turn your license over to the state. When you have so much on the line, you may decide to appeal a traffic court’s decision to…

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