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What is New York’s law regarding cell phone use while driving?

Mobile devices are integral to daily life, even for travel, as people use them to plan routes, purchase parking and handle related activities. Most states impose restrictions on using such devices while operating a vehicle. Drivers should understand the regulations and penalties regarding cell phone…

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New law allows New York communities to lower speed limits

In the past, the state of New York had a law that prevented municipalities within its borders from setting speed limits of less than 30 miles per hour. The governor recently signed a law that changed that. According to the Governor’s Press Office, the bill…

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Traffic violations for delivery drivers: penalties, points and premiums

In New York, delivery drivers who receive traffic tickets may face fines, points on their driver’s license, and increased insurance rates. The specific penalties for a traffic violation will depend on the nature of the infraction and the driver’s driving record. Common traffic violations for…

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Can you lose your license for reckless driving?

A citation for reckless driving may seem like an insignificant charge. However, people who receive a ticket for this offense put themselves in danger of getting points on their license, paying fines and even facing jail time. Understanding what reckless driving is and its consequences…

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Fighting commercial fleet parking tickets in NYC

With a borough-by-borough and block-by-block patchwork of laws and regulations, it is easy to see why some commercial vehicle operators consider parking tickets to be a cost of doing business in New York City. However, as those costs begin to add up, an efficient legal…

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What is an OATH violation and what can you do about it?

In New York City, certain agencies issue summonses for the violation of rules and regulations. You can go to court over a summons, but there are also other ways to resolve an OATH violation and you must respond by the hearing date with legal representation,…

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Why register and insure your vehicle in your home state?

When you purchase a vehicle, the law requires that you gain registration, and most states require that you carry insurance. However, you may wonder if you can register and insure your vehicle in a state you do not live in most of the time. These are things…

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How does the Driver Violation Point System work?

In New York, the Department of Motor Vehicles uses a point system to determine when someone should lose their license and when they are not safe on the roads. Different violations lead to different citations and points. The state uses the Driver Violation Point System…

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What will a ticket for texting while driving cost?

New York state law prohibits drivers from using cell phones, smartphones or other handheld electronic devices while operating a motor vehicle. Illegal use of a device includes talking on the phone, reading or composing messages and other electronic material, taking or viewing images and playing…

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Tips for disputing a parking ticket

Parking tickets can seem like an unavoidable aspect of your life in New York City. If you are new to the area, you may still be unfamiliar with the city’s parking rules, such as not parking in a crosswalk. Even long-time city drivers may unintentionally…

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