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Can You Sleep in Your Car in New York?

Whether it is a long road trip or an unexpected circumstance, there might be times when you consider sleeping in your car. In New York, the laws surrounding this issue are complex and often misunderstood. Although there is no statewide law specifically prohibiting it, there…

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Consequences of Repeated Unpaid Parking Violations in New York

Parking violations are a common issue in New York City, and many drivers have received multiple tickets for various offenses. While a single unpaid parking violation may not have severe consequences, repeatedly ignoring these violations can lead to harsher penalties and financial implications. Learn more…

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Ways To Fight a Red Light Violation

Even seemingly minor traffic violations can lead to fines and penalties that add up quickly and may result in points on your license. If you received a ticket for a red light violation, you may feel as though you have no recourse. Red light tickets are…

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Can You Get a Ticket for Blasting Loud Music in Your Car?

For many drivers, listening to music is a common way to pass the time on otherwise boring commutes. In fact, according to Edison Research, more than 70% of drivers claim to turn on their radios or listen to playlists when they are in their cars. For safety…

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How can you lose your license during the probation period?

In New York, it is not uncommon for individuals to wait until they graduate high school to obtain a driver’s license. According to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles, if you were 18 or older when you took your road test, you must complete a…

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When is speed not reasonable and prudent?

In the Empire State, speed limits are not just a suggestion. In fact, according to the New York State Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee, you must drive at or below posted speed limits to avoid a speeding ticket. If you receive too many speeding tickets, of course, you…

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What you should know about New York’s idling laws

Did you know that New York City has laws against letting your car idle? You may think this sounds odd, but due to environmental concerns, the state chose to reduce vehicle emissions, save money, reduce noise and improve fuel economy by preventing idling. This is…

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What constitutes reckless driving behavior?

Reckless driving serves as an umbrella term for all manners of dangerous driving behavior on the road. It is important to understand what reckless driving looks like and what actions fall under the umbrella. Drowsy driving Vision Zero discusses the true dangers of reckless driving. Reckless…

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What are the exceptions for idling in New York?

Traveling in and around New York City is essential to many businesses’ operations. New York residents also have to handle numerous activities that require vehicle travel and heading in and out of various locations. Drivers must be aware that the city limits how long vehicles…

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Should You Fight Your Traffic Violation?

Receiving a traffic ticket can be anything from a disruptive nuisance to a devastating incident depending on the severity of the violation and the financial liability associated with it. It is important that you know when to simply pay the fine associated with the traffic…

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