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Can You Get a Ticket for Blasting Loud Music in Your Car?

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For many drivers, listening to music is a common way to pass the time on otherwise boring commutes. In fact, according to Edison Research, more than 70% of drivers claim to turn on their radios or listen to playlists when they are in their cars.

For safety reasons, it is advisable to keep your car’s stereo at a reasonable volume. After all, excessively loud music can be distracting, potentially increasing your probability of having a motor vehicle accident. Can you get a ticket for blasting loud music in your vehicle, though?

No specific state law

In some states, driving with overly loud music on your car’s radio is a traffic infraction. New York is not one of these states, though. Consequently, officers cannot write you a citation for blasting your music. They can cite you for disturbing the peace, however.

Your driving behaviors

Listening to loud music might turn you into an aggressive driver. Indeed, it is not uncommon for loud music to change a person’s mood, potentially leading to speeding, tailgating or even road rage. You can receive a citation for each of these, of course. As a result, in addition to potentially giving you a ticket for disturbing the peace, officers might cite you for any moving violation you commit.

Like all drivers, you want to have as few interactions with law enforcement as possible. Ultimately, to keep from receiving a costly ticket, it is advisable to play your car’s radio at a reasonable volume every time you hit the road.

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