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Consequences of Repeated Unpaid Parking Violations in New York

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Parking violations are a common issue in New York City, and many drivers have received multiple tickets for various offenses. While a single unpaid parking violation may not have severe consequences, repeatedly ignoring these violations can lead to harsher penalties and financial implications.

Learn more about the negative consequences of having multiple unpaid parking violations in New York.

Penalties for repeated unpaid parking violations

New York imposes penalties on drivers who accumulate several unpaid parking tickets. One of the most common penalties is booting or towing the vehicle until the driver pays the fines. Additionally, drivers who have five or more unpaid parking tickets may have their driver’s license suspended by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles. The city may also file a civil judgment against the driver, allowing them to collect the unpaid fines by taking legal action.

Additional consequences

There are various other consequences of not paying parking tickets that you will want to avoid:

  • Higher auto insurance rates are common for drivers with multiple unpaid parking violations, as it indicates a pattern of risky driving behavior
  • Drivers with unpaid violations may face difficulties when renewing their vehicle registration, as the New York Department of Motor Vehicles may require them to pay outstanding fines first
  • The DMV can send unpaid parking tickets to collection agencies, which can damage the driver’s credit score

Not paying for multiple parking tickets can lead to significant financial and other trouble in New York.

By taking responsibility for their parking violations and making payments as soon as possible, drivers can avoid the negative consequences and keep their driving records in good standing.

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