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What should drivers know about NYC parking regulations?

Receiving a parking ticket can ruin even a good day. To avoid making a mistake that could land you a violation, you should make sure you understand some general parking rules for the city. The New York City Department of Transportation explains that parking rules also incorporate…

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What to do if in possession of an OATH summons

The Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings is an independent administrative court in New York City. It conducts trials and hearings related to summonses issued by a wide variety of enforcement agencies, such as the Department of Transportation, Department of Buildings, Taxi and Limousine Commission…

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Is drowsy driving illegal?

Distracted driving behaviors make up a large category of dangerous driving that can put everyone on the road at risk. This includes drowsy driving, which most people likely would not think of when coming up with examples of distracted driving. Despite how dangerous this is,…

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Traffic violations and pleading not guilty

If you currently face charges related to a traffic violation, it is critical to thoroughly examine the details surrounding the case and determine the most sensible course of action. For example, you could decide to plead not guilty, and if you take this approach you…

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Defining New York’s default speed limit

For many in New York, the age-old answer of “Was I speeding?” in response to a traffic stop may seem to be simply a humorous attempt to get out of a ticket. However, oftentimes that represents a genuine inquiry, as there are many areas of…

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How does road rage lead to reckless driving?

When dealing with tricky traffic situations, intense moments of anger can lead to road rage. There are many factors that cause this problem, so knowing more about when it happens and why can help you make the best decisions possible for yourself and others as…

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Are you familiar with the truck idling laws in New York City?

If you drive a truck and make deliveries in New York City, you have to be quick about dropping off goods or documents to your customers. Your truck is idling while you make stops at various stores or offices. Are you in compliance with state…

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Can unpaid parking tickets land you in jail?

If you drive in New York City, you are undoubtedly no stranger to parking tickets. After all, even if you intend to park legally, some parking rules are downright confusing. If you do not pay your parking fines on time, you are far from alone.…

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What should you do if you get a traffic ticket in a rental car?

Rather than live in New York, you may instead visit and rent a car to get around. In your excitement to see as much as possible during your trip, you could break traffic laws and attract a police officer’s attention. Your Mileage May Vary explains…

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Why are drivers likely to speed?

According to the NHTSA, in the last 20 years, one-third of car fatalities have occurred because of speeding. When a driver speeds, it not only endangers his or her life but endangers the safety of all other drivers and passengers on the road. Increased speed leads…

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