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Developing safe and reliable drivers for your fleet


Given that your fleet crew represents your company and its values, you want to hire drivers that demonstrate courtesy. Responsible employees can also minimize the safety risks of having fleet vehicles.

Traffic violations could impact your company’s reputation and brand image. Your ability to develop and train vigilant drivers may encourage compliance with your company’s driving policies.

Assess compliance

Screening potential drivers can help you determine their risk level. Before hiring new drivers, you can assess things including DOT safety performance, motor vehicle records and applicable employment applications. You may also consider issuing a drug test and a road test. Once hired, you can continue to assess compliance. Fleet management software can provide a checklist for your drivers to fill out.

Training plays a critical role in educating and motivating your drivers to comply with company-sanctioned guidelines. Training materials targeted at driver safety can also encourage your employees to adhere to traffic laws. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, effective training programs incorporate a range of methods including in-class learning and behind-the-wheel instruction.

Provide incentives

Incentives can do a lot to motivate your employees to comply with your rules. Use creativity to identify rewards that will encourage everyone to drive with the highest level of caution and courtesy. Equally as important, have a clear discipline policy for handling non-compliant drivers. If you notice concerning behavior, use consistency in applying discipline to discourage ongoing problems.

If you have concerns about your company’s reputation because of excessive traffic violations from members of your fleet crew, you may consider hiring an attorney. Working with a legal professional may enlighten you to solutions that can hopefully minimize the impact of bad driver behavior on your company.

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