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That pink traffic ticket might mean criminal charges

Reckless driving in New York is about more than a driving mistake or a moment of distraction. It involves the willful disregard for the safety of others. As a result, if an officer pulls you over and gives you a pink ticket, it is not…

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Where are you most likely to get a parking ticket in Brooklyn?

At one time or another, virtually everyone has to deal with a parking ticket. While seeing one under your car’s windshield wipers may make you cringe, your wallet is likely to be even unhappier. After all, parking tickets in New York City usually range between…

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What is the new measure to help with traffic issues during the holidays?

Traffic often increases during the holiday season due to a large number of delivery trucks on the road. With more people shopping online than ever before, this is a huge concern for local lawmakers. The New York Post reports that the city council approved a…

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Can the DLSRA help restore your suspended drivers’ license?

Having a drivers’ license is crucial for many New York residents. You may consider traffic tickets an inconvenient hazard of your daily commute. However, when they result in license suspension, it can affect your ability to get to work on time, care for your kids…

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The consequences of having too many traffic violations

Some people think that a traffic violation, such as a speeding or parking ticket, is just a nuisance. They would rather pay the fine than fight it. However, the state keeps track of these tickets and penalizes drivers that deem to be of high risk.…

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