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Why Did I Get a Boot On My Car in NYC?

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Living close to New York City is a blessing when it comes to being able to commute to higher-paying jobs. However, it also means dealing with the city’s traffic and parking nightmares.

If you regularly travel to NYC for work, you may occasionally receive traffic tickets. In August 2023 alone, the New York Police Department reported a total of 61,404 moving violations. In some cases, traffic tickets can lead to a boot on your car.

Unpaid tickets

One of the most common reasons for car booting in NYC is the accumulation of unpaid parking tickets. The city is notorious for its strict parking enforcement, and failing to pay or address parking violations promptly can lead to a boot. The boot serves as an incentive to address those outstanding tickets and fines.

Beyond parking tickets, other unresolved traffic violations, such as running red lights or speeding, can also lead to a boot. Ignoring these violations can also lead to increased fines.

No insurance

Operating a vehicle without insurance is against the law in New York City, and if authorities catch you driving without coverage, they can immobilize your car with a boot. The city treats this violation with utmost seriousness because the absence of insurance elevates the potential risks for other drivers in the event of an accident.

Unregistered vehicle

Operating an unregistered vehicle in NYC is another illegal action that will cause you issues. If your car’s registration expires and you continue to drive it on public roads, you could end up with a boot.

Unpaid tolls

Failure to pay tolls on bridges and tunnels within the city can also result in a boot. NYC uses electronic tolling systems that capture license plate information, making it easier to track and enforce toll violations.

Abandoned vehicles

Authorities may consider vehicles left in the same spot for an extended period abandoned. They boot abandoned vehicles to prevent them from becoming hazards or eyesores in the city.

In NYC, getting the boot is a significant inconvenience. However, it is a process parking authorities use to address underlying issues that can lead to issues on the road. Staying informed about local parking and traffic regulations can help you avoid the hassle of finding a boot on your car.

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